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Summer vacation course 2022
Opening of registrations and programs available very soon!

Come and discover the new themes we have prepared for children this year for a sunny summer full of surprises..:)

Draw me a sheep
July 4th to 8th, 2022
Let’s follow the steps of Saint-Exupéry to discover the poetic journey of the Little Prince. He will guide us throughout our week by showing us his B612 asteroid and introducing us to his friends: a flower, a fox, an aviator… Thanks to him and to the many activities proposed, we will learn that “the essential is invisible for the eyes”.

Join him in his quest for friendship and happiness, and come and grow up by his side!
Nominees for the Nobel Prize
July 11th to 15th, 2022
Enter the race for the Pari-Grandir Nobel Prize! Throughout the week we will discover the disciplines awarded by the Nobel Prize: Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine and Peace, and we will meet the most famous Laureates of the title.
The most important discoveries have been rewarded by this prize, so what will be yours? Come and brainstorm with us, experiment and … maybe you will be one of the future winners who will make the world move forward!
Pharaoh’s Lost Kingdom
July 18th to 22nd, 2022
Come and discover the kingdoms of the Pharaohs! You will learn who they were, their role in the Egyptian civilization and what their daily life was like. Nile Yoga, Papyrus creation, pyramid tours, archaeology, all these activities will allow us to learn more about the myths and secrets of ancient Egypt!

Grab your little archaeologist’s gear and come help us with our excavations!
Scotland: Finding Nessie
July 25th to 29th, 2022
Meet us in Scotland for a week of mysteries searching for the Loch Ness Monster! During this investigation, we will discover its green landscapes, its lively music and dance to the rhythm of the bagpipes. At the end of the week, the lochs, islands and castles of Scotland will hold no secrets for you! And maybe even Nessie will have been found…

Versailles: Life at court
August 22nd to 26th 2022
Welcome to the sumptuous Château de Versailles!
Join us to discover the little secrets of the kings, queens and their court. We will explore the incredible architecture of the castle, its majestic gardens, the portraits of the kings and queens who lived there. Then we’ll take a walk backstage to discover the secret passages of the castle and meet the people who work in the shadow of its famous inhabitants!
Let’s go on a journey back in time where stories and music from the great era of Versailles will make us relive historical moments!

Summer adventure
August 31st, 2022
Summer is not over yet! Join us for a last day of vacation with friends before going back to school.
We’ll make a vacation journal, team up for a great sports course and relax before the big day tomorrow.