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La sophrologie s'adresse à toutes celles qui souhaitent retrouver le calme et l'harmonie

Bien-être - Gestion du stress -  Détente du corps et de l’esprit -Confiance en soi- Mincir zen - Sommeil réparateur- Préparation à l'accouchement…

Synthèse de techniques de méditation, de yoga et de relaxation, la sophrologie vous aide à trouver l'harmonie  du corps et de l'esprit. La sophrologie associe la respiration, la détente musculaire et la pensée positive.

C'est une excellente méthode de développement personnel.
Pour les femmes enceintes : cours collectifs et séances individuelles de préparation à l'accouchement.

Séances en cours de groupe le mardi à l'heure du déjeuner.

Tarif : 25 euros la séance, carte abonnement 5 séances : 100 euros soit une séance offerte.

Relaxation therapy adult workshop




Well-being – stress management – Relaxation of body and soul – Self-confidence – Zen slimming – Recovery sleep – Preparing for the delivery
First standing up, then seated or lying down, you let yourselves be guided by a voice of our relaxation therapist. There is no physical contact; relaxation is achieved progressively by exercises for physical and mental loosening up, accessible to all.
Relaxation, harmony, self-confidence, concentration

A synthesis of various techniques of meditation, yoga and loosening up, relaxation therapy helps you to obtain the harmony of body and soul. Relaxation therapy combines breathing techniques, muscular relaxation and thinking positive. It is an excellent method of self-development.

Relaxation therapy is recommended for:
Loosening up, feeling good in your skin and body all over, developing self-confidence and a sense of self-esteem, preparing an important event (pregnancy, delivery, public speech, exams, job interview, athletic tournament, medical operation), confronting challenges (grief, sickness), dealing with acute pains and tensions (back pain, heartburn, migraine, fibromyalgia), finding a recovery sleep (dealing with insomnia), facilitating an important decision (quitting smoking, starting a diet regime…)

Relaxation: reduce stress and feel good
To effectively combat stress, we need to activate the body’s natural relaxation response. You can do this by practicing Relaxation: a combination of relaxation techniques including deep breathing, visualization, meditation, and yoga.
Relaxation can help reduce everyday stress and boost your energy and mood. Relaxation also helps you to stay calm in the face of life’s unexpected events. A variety of different relaxation techniques can help you bring your nervous system back into balance by producing the relaxation response. The relaxation response is not lying on the couch or sleeping but a mentally active process that leaves the body relaxed, calm, and focused. In relaxation class you learn to reduce stress. You discover relaxation techniques that quiet you down, such as meditation, deep breathing, or guided imagery.

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